Friends, put on your flak jackets. It’s time to drop some honesty on yet another uncomfortable topic: love.

We use the word “love” to mean a lot of things. Throughout this post I’ll be referring to the romantic kind of love, the kind that usually involves sexual attraction, AKA “falling in…


Bianca Balti with daughter Matilde Lucidi in “Daily Chores” by Martin Parr for Grey Magazine #8, Spring/Summer 2013

Mom. I like this brush. I like like it. I think I love it. Mom. This brush.

I said, “I’m going to put your stuff in the hallway.” He said, “OK.” #readymades #unreadymaids #thesising

My grad school books are better than your grad school books. #lastpaper


MFA Theatre Performance, Arizona State University

"Asking for It: The Consent Project. The socially engaged dramaturgy of a solo performance installation.

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